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Duck Breast and Parsnip Stew
Type of dish: Poultry
Number of persons: 4

Today we are going to light the fire and bring the taste buds to unprecedented heights with a delicious dish: Duck Breast and Parsnip Mash with a fond of caramelized orange.  

Now, before we The Bastard crank it up and roast that duck breast to perfection, let's introduce you to this sensational combination of flavors. The tender duck breast, with its juicy, crispy skin, comes together with a parsnip stew that is creamy and slightly sweet. And let's not forget that caramelized orange fond, which adds an irresistible explosion of flavor with a hint of sweetness. 

But let's not get too far ahead, because the secret to this recipe is in the details. It starts with grilling the duck breast to the perfect temperature on your The Bastard. We're going to make sure the skin gets crispy as it should, while retaining the juices inside for a juicy result. The parsnip stew is a great complement to the duck breast. Parsnip, with its mild sweetness and creamy texture, is the ideal balance for the savory flavor of the duck. And then we have the caramelized orange fond. This is the dish's secret weapon.  

But before we get started, we want to point out some indispensable accessories that will make making this dish even easier. 

Let's start with The Bastard Dutch Oven & Griddle. This cast iron hero is indispensable for preparing this dish. With its durable construction and excellent heat distribution, the Dutch Oven & Griddle ensures that ingredients cook evenly and flavors blend together perfectly. It can also be used over coals as well as indirectly. This gives you optimal control over the preparation of your caramelized orange fond. 

To get a duck breast skin nice and crispy, you need The Bastard Cast Iron Fry Pan. This ensures even heat distribution and perfect caramelization. 

In addition to all the delicious food, of course, think about safety while barbecuing. It is wise to make use of good cooking accessories. Consider, for example, our Fiber Thermo Bbq Gloves. The gloves offer protection that prevents burning your hands on hot pans, for example. We also recommend our The Bastard Apron. It helps you protect your clothes from stains and splatters. With these safe accessories, you can cook with complete peace of mind knowing that you are protected from all possible dangers. 

So, if you're ready to take your grilling skills to the next level and indulge your taste buds with an explosion of flavors, this duck breast with parsnip mash and caramelized orange fond is the recipe to try. So, put on your apron, get The Bastard to work, and prepare for a culinary adventure you'll never forget. It's time to grill like a boss! 

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Cooking time: 40 min |

Preparation time: 50 min |

Temperature: 220°C

What do you need?

4x duck breast a 180 gr.


Parsnip stew:

250 gr. parsnips

250 gr. crumbly potatoes

Water at your own discretion.

2 gr. salt

100 gr. unsalted butter


Caramelized orange fond:

2 oranges

200 ml dry red wine

1 ltr. Jus d'veau

2 bay leaves

Duck Breast with Parsnip Stew

Preparation method

Remove the skin from the duck breast and cut the fat cover into lattice (diamond).

Sprinkle the duck breast with salt and pepper.

Fry the duck breast on a half-moon plancha plate on the fat side (220C°).

Cook further to a core temperature of around 53C° and let rest under foil


Peel the parsnips and cut lengthwise into quarters and drizzle with oil and salt flakes and grill on The Bastard at 230C° until they have a nice roast.

Peel the potatoes (50% potatoes, 50% parsnips 50/50) and cut into equal pieces and bring to a boil in plenty of water along with the parsnips and salt, once cooked drain water, add butter and mash a creamy stew.


Peel the oranges liberally so that you don't see any white skin on the oranges.

Heat a Dutch oven at 220C° on direct heat and pour a little oil in it and fry the orange peels in it, add 200 ml. Add the jus de Veau (1 liter) and 2 bay leaves and reduce again until 1/3 remains. Strain the stock (sieve out the orange and bay leaves).

From the remaining oranges, cut out the segments (that is, without the skin) and add to the sauce along with a cube of raw unsalted creamery butter (blend).

Place a round skewer on a nice plate of your choice and spoon your mash in here and press, tranche the duck breast and place on top.

Spoon the orange sauce around this.

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