• Whether it's snowing or boiling hot, The Bastard is waiting outside for you to prepare a stunning piece of meat, a surprising vegetable dish or a fresh fish.

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The bastardXL Urban

No matter if you want to BBQ on a balcony or in a professional kitchen, there is a Bastard for everyone.

The Bastard - Urban XL

The Bastard XL has been specially developed for the real amateur or professional cook. Let your whole family or large parties enjoy your dishes. This largest format of The Bastard is not for everyone. The matt finish makes it look extra tough.

Every Bastard is unique due to the handmade finish. Ceramic is a natural product so there are variations in its colour and structure. The Urban Bastard shows more colour variations than the Bastard with a glossy finish. The colour shown may differ from reality.


The Bastard is celebrating its 10th anniversary and with our Anniversary Bastard you can join the party! With this special limited edition Ceramic Barbecue, we want to look back on a fantastic decade of grilling and the global growth of its community. To celebrate our roots, we are going Back to Black with all parts in our favorite color. You guessed it, black!

The Anniversary model comes with a custom black thermometer, black muffler and a shade of black we've never used on any of our models before!

The new, matte, frosting shows your BBQ friends that you own a Collectors Item.

However, we couldn't stop the celebration with these cool features. The Anniversary Bastard also comes with a 7 mm stainless steel grill grate, deflector stones, a charcoal basket, ash bucket and precision hood.

This makes the Anniversary Bastard the centerpiece of our birthday party!

Each Anniversary Edition comes with a unique " dog tag." By leaving the number of your " dogtag" on this website, you will have a chance to win special BBQ experience.

What that is we will announce in 2023. What we can give away is that it's worth joining!

The Bastard - Urban XL


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