• Whether it's snowing or boiling hot, The Bastard is waiting outside for you to prepare a stunning piece of meat, a surprising vegetable dish or a fresh fish.

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The bastardLarge

No matter if you want to BBQ on a balcony or in a professional kitchen, there is a Bastard for everyone.

The Bastard - Regular Large

“Impressive”, that’s The Bastard Large. It’s not only of value to you and your family, but to your garden, too. Its ideal size means you can cook culinary delights for the whole family and all your friends. Designed for true cooking enthusiasts, it’s no wonder the Large is our best-selling Bastard.

Every Bastard is unique due to the handmade finish. Ceramic is a natural product so there are variations in its colour and structure. The Urban Bastard shows more colour variations than the Bastard with a glossy finish. The colour shown may differ from reality.

Also available as Urban (matt)

New in 2022: Multilevel Cooking System

The Multilevel Cooking System is a modular system that transforms your Bastard into an all-rounder. Now you can create your ideal grid arrangement for a complete meal in one session.

The twilight zone! Divide the charcoal basket into two zones by filling one side with charcoal, place the half moon stone and grid over it to create a direct and indirect zone. In combination with our half moon accessories, the possibilities are endless.

The Stand! We've designed our platesetter to also hold a (wok)pan. Turn the frame upside down and you're ready for some serious direct cooking. For use with our Phantom Steel Wok, Dutch Oven or Paella Pan.

Do you need various temperatures to create your meal? Then the Multilevel Cooking System is the solution! Play with the fire or stay away from the flames.

The Bastard - Regular Large


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Available as SOLO

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