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The bastardMedium

Whether you want to BBQ on a balcony or in a professional kitchen, there is a Bastard for everyone.

The Bastard - Regular Medium
The Bastard - Regular Medium

The Bastard Medium is designed for anyone, since this model fits any garden. An eye-catcher without being too in-your-face in the garden. Size is no restriction, so feel free to showcase all your culinary skills. Invite your neighbours or friends round!

Every Bastard is unique due to the handmade finish. Ceramic is a natural product so there are variations in its colour and structure. The Urban Bastard shows more colour variations than the Bastard with a glossy finish. The colour shown may differ from reality.

Also available as Urban (matt)

The Bastard - Regular Medium


Grid diameter
Grid thickness
Height with frame
Available as solo

The Bastard
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