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Dutch Oven & Griddle

Accessory, Cast Iron

The Bastard Dutch Oven & Griddle, the ultimate addition to the whole set. From winter stews to home-baked sourdough of The Bastard, it's all possible.

The lid can be used as a griddle to tap the pieces of meat on before they go into the pan.

These cast iron pans don't need to be waxed, that's already done. So get started right away with your new inspiration

Recipes made with this accessory

Jordanian meatballs
Jordanian meatballs with endive
Mackerel stuffed Indonesian style (Pepesan Ikan)
Mackerel stuffed Indonesian style (Pepesan Ikan)
Pulled beef from the BBQ recipe
Asian pulled beef with steamed buns
Smoked salmon trout with clams and oysters
Smoked Salmon trout with clams and oysters 
Camembert with honey
Camembert with Honey
Mussels with bacon and beer
Mussels with bacon and beer
The Bastard Dutch Oven


The Bastard Compact
SKU: BB658
20 centimeters
The Bastard Medium
SKU: BB657
24 centimeters
The Bastard Large
SKU: BB656
28 centimeters


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