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Smoked Salmon trout with clams and oysters 
Type of dish: Fish
Number of persons: 4 persons

Step inside a culinary delight as we take you on a flavorful journey with our masterful dish: the delectable Smoked Salmon Trout with Clams and Oysters, beautifully presented amidst a wealth of clams and oysters. This extraordinary recipe real Bastard recipe promises a true ocean of flavor that will enchant your taste buds and make them dance with joy.

Salmon trout, a jewel from the depths of the sea, undergoes an amazing meticulous smoking process to perfection, infusing every fiber with a symphony of flavors. The smoke, infused with nuances of oak and carefully selected spices, transforms this fish into a delicacy that enchants your senses. The flavor of the gently cooked salmon is a true art form, and with each delectable bite you will taste the masterful dedication to creating an unforgettable dining experience.

The clams and oysters that surround the dish add a sublime dimension of seafood flavor, like a melodious chorus of the ocean harmoniously coming together on your plate. The salty freshness of the ocean is perfectly captured in each succulent piece, a true tribute to the richness of the sea.

And what better companion to this epic culinary adventure than a craft brewed beer from the renowned Uiltje Brewing Company? Infused with creativity and craftsmanship, the beer offers a unique taste experience that blends seamlessly with the refined salmon trout. With each sip, you will discover new layers of harmony between the beer and the food, a dance of flavors that caresses your taste buds and fills your soul with delight. Light your Bastard safely with The Bastard One Minute Lighter.

So raise your glass and toast this delicious recipe for Smoked Salmon Trout with Clams and Oysters, a tribute to the art of gastronomy and craft brewing. Be amazed, be enchanted, and indulge your taste buds in this feast of flavors and aromas.

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Cooking time: 15 minutes |

Preparation time: 5 mnutes |

Temperature: 180°C

What do you need?

4 small salmon trout (same size), belly clean

4 tbsp. smoke dust

500 g cockles or other clams

4 oysters, e.g. wild Wadden oysters

Marsh samphire, blanched briefly

½ bunch of dill

4 tbsp cress leaves

6 tbsp. lemon mayonnaise

1 lemon, halved

3 tbsp pickle slices

1 tbsp chili oil

1 tsp Hot sauce

Smoked salmon trout with clams and oysters

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Preparation method

Light the Bastard and wait until it reaches a temperature of 80°C and scoop the smoke moss onto the hot coals.

Place the trouts on the grill and smoke them until they reach a core temperature of 70°C. Remove the smoked trouts from the BBQ and fire up the Bastard fire up until it reaches a temperature of 180°C.

Place the cockles in a large skillet and steam them along with the oysters on the hot grill until the shells open.

Garnish the fish with the samphire, dill and cress leaves and serve separately with the lemon mayonnaise, chili oil, lemon, pickle slices and hot sauce.

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