Why everybody likes a bastard

Serious outdoor cooking for everyone, all year round!

We already prepared food in a clay oven 3000 years ago. This ancient form of cooking is the basis, but in a very innovative way. It's the perfect barbecue, but with The Bastard you can do more. The unique insulating properties are ideal for slow cooking, hot or cold smoking and as a brick oven for a real Italian pizza. Discover The Bastard as the most natural and tastiest way of early cooking today

Back to the essentials. Dutch designers understand this better than anyone. They believe that everything can always be better, more beautiful and more efficient. Finding the right balance between form and function. The Bastard is a good example of this with its no-nonsense character. Honest design, made of the best materials and so easy to use.

Only the highest quality industrial ceramics are good enough. 100% resistant to very high temperatures. The other parts are also made of the best materials. Stainless steel or hardened steel finished with a powder coating for maximum durability in wind and weather.

The Bastard has many friends. From chefs and food professionals to cooking enthusiasts and people who don't like too much hassle in the kitchen. Slow cook in winter like beef in beer, smoke a chicken for the summer salad, bake a pizza or throw some good burgers on the grill with your friends. It can be that easy. Simple, but always with that unparalleled taste.

And then the taste. That characteristic grill taste with a touch of charcoal. But the biggest difference is mainly in how tender the meat or fish is. Unsurpassed quality. And everyone can taste it. Not surprising that there is already a Bastard in many restaurants.

It may be clear. The Bastard is not like all other barbecues or kamados. The Bastard is straightforward, high-quality, versatile and for everyone. And yes also pleasantly priced. Discover the honest way of grilling, cooking, barbecuing, stewing or smoking. The Bastard just remains himself. For anyone who likes good cooking all year round.

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