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Tomahawk at its best
Type of dish: Beef
Number of persons: 4 persons

What is a Tomahawk and what can you do with it?

The tomahawk steak is an impressive cut of meat known for its large size and long rib bone, which resembles the shape of a tomahawk axe, hence the name. This type of steak is actually a ribeye steak with a long piece of bone still covered in meat and fat, which gives it its distinctive appearance and flavor.

Thanks to marbling, the tomahawk steak has excellent flavor and juiciness. The fat melts during cooking and penetrates the meat, giving it a delicious tenderness and rich flavor. It is usually well seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices before grilling.

What grid should you use?

You can grill a tomahawk on the regular stainless steel grid, but if you want those thick grill stripes, use the cast iron grid. This grate is wider and the cast iron also makes the grate hotter, which gives you the bigger grill stripes and more flavor.

BBQ & Beer

With a nice piece of meat comes some side dishes. In this recipe we go wild with potatoes, green beans and peppers. In our opinion the perfect combination! This dish should be accompanied by a nice beer, this time the Superb-owl of Uiltje Bier.

Cooking time: 30 min |

Preparation time: 10 min |

Temperature: 180 degrees direct

What do you need?

1 Tomahawk, about 1 kg

1 tsp Maldon salt flakes + extra

750 g (Nicola) potatoes with skin, in sections

1 yellow bell bell pepper

1 red bell bell pepper

300 g green beans, cooked

2 tbsp mild olive oil

BBQ recipe tomahawk

These products can help you prepare this recipe!

Preparation method

1 Light the Bastard with the One Minute Lighter and sprinkle the Tomahawk with freshly ground pepper and the salt flakes.

2 Place the potato slices in a large Cast Iron Fry Pan and roast the potatoes on the until cooked on the inside and crispy on the outside. Place peppers on the grill and wait until the skin is slightly blackened and remove from heat and cook green beans.

3 Roast the meat on both sides on the hot cast iron grill, initially do this indirectly to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. With this you are going for the reverse searing technique. Once the meat reaches a temperature of 45 degrees, grill the meat at a hot temperature directly. Remove the meat from the BBQ when it reaches a core temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Let the meat rest for a while before cutting or all the juices will run out.

4 Peel the peppers and cut into strips. In a bowl, mix the bell bell pepper strips with the green beans and season with the olive oil, salt flakes and freshly ground pepper and serve with the roasted potatoes and grilled Tomahawk.

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