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Butcher's Tenderloin
Type of dish: Beef
Number of persons: 4

The tenderloin is typically a piece of meat that the butcher used to keep for himself. This 'hanger steak' is also known as the 'butcher's tenderloin'. It looks a bit weird, there is a big sore in it and it has a coarse structure so it doesn't sell very well. But the butcher, and we, know better! It is a real working muscle that is bursting with flavour and, unlike many working meats, can be grilled very well. The French serve it classically with shallots-red wine sauce, but a powerful bourbon sauce looks just as good on it. 

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Cooking time: 45 min |

Preparation time: 5 min |

Temperature: 110 °C, INDIRECT; THEN 240 °C, IMMEDIATELY

What do you need?

800 g tenderloin, sand removed 

salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 



4 tbsp cognac 

4 tbsp honey 

1 tsp garlic powder

1 pinch of salt 

2 tsp sriracha 

1 tbsp butter 



1-2 hickory wood chunks 

plate setter

core thermometer

aluminum foil

cast iron grill grate 


These products can help you prepare this recipe!

Preparation method

Sprinkle the tenderloin steaks generously with salt and pepper and place the logs of smoking wood on the coals. 

Place the steaks on the grid above the plate setter, remove the lid from The Bastard and smoke the steaks to a core temperature of 50 °C for medium rare (they cook for about 5 °C when baking). 

Remove the steaks from The Bastard and let them rest under aluminum foil. 

Place the cast iron grill grate on the BBQ and raise temperature to 240 °C. 

Meanwhile, heat the cognac  in a panwith the honey, garlic powder, salt and 

Sriracha. Finally, stir in the butter for a nice shine. 

Grill the steaks briefly on the hot grid; now it's just a matter of giving the outside a nice colour. 

Cut the steaks into slices and serve with the cognac sauce . 

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