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With Good.Better.Bastard. we have not created just another cookbook, but we have forged our culinary manifesto that reveals our passion and character. Uncover the secrets of The Bastard with pro tips on temperature control, smoking techniques and more. Consider this your roadmap to becoming a true Bastard .

We celebrate kamado cooking through 24 personalities that make this book unique. Discover your whimsical alter ego in Good.Better.Bastard. Up front: every Bastard is one of a kind. A mix of different types is indispensable.

Are you a 'True Chef' and grill a tomahawk with charcoal butter or 'The Dictator' with lemon-langoustines. The true 'Entertainer' comes with the ultimate BBQ drinks board. Or are you 'The Teacher,' giving wisdom on fire and smoke? Or perhaps 'The Butcher', who creates masterpieces of BBQ dishes? Each personality is unique and their barbecue skills are as distinctive as you are.

This deluxe cookbook, measuring 28x23x4 inches, is a culinary manifesto with 96 recipes like and 280+ pages Bastard-content. The dishes in this book are challenging, inspiring, but most of all very tasty. It is a reflection of what you like best at The Bastard makes. The story in this book is also told through the eyes of some inspiring artists. They took on the challenge of interpreting these 24 Bastard characters.

Ignite your grilling soul - because when it comes to BBQ, there's Good, there's Better, and then there's Bastard.

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Good Better Bastard cookbook


The Bastard Catalog for 2023 has been completely updated! A Catalog with all the necessary information about your favorite Bastard or accessory, but it doesn't stop there. Our 2023 Catalog is also a magazine, with interviews, recipes, lifestyle photos, blogs and even 3D photos!