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Pulled Pork 2.0
Type of dish: Pig
Number of persons: 6

How about a nice white bun of Pulled Pork topped off with The Bastard Barbacoa Picante for this weekend? Rub the prosecutor with our Lucifers Delight rub, let it soak in overnight and fire up Bastard . First smoke the prosecutor with some chucks and then cook it in a Dutch Oven with beer, various vegetables and herbs for extra flavour. Pull the meat apart with the bear claws, and fry the Pulled Pork a little more to get those nice crispy pieces of Pulled Pork. Curious about the recipe? Read on quickly!

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Cooking time: 6/7 hours |

Preparation time: 30 min |

Temperature: 150°C

What do you need?

1 pork neck (Procureur) approx. 2.5 kg

The Bastard Lucifer Delight rub

3 chucks smoking wood (Cherry, Hickory or Apple)

2 carrots

1 leek

2 white onions

3 cloves of garlic

1 Spanish red pepper

1 hand fresh rosemary

1 hand fresh thyme

2 bay leaves

3 pieces of star anise

1 bottle of Ginger beer (5% alcohol)

2.5 litres beef stock

1 bag of white brioche buns

The Bastard Barbacoa Picante sauce

Pulled Pork

These products can help you prepare this recipe!

Preparation method

Let the Procureur come to room temperature (take it out of the fridge about 1 or 2 hours beforehand).

If necessary, trim the excess fat from the meat.

Pour a small amount of olive oil over the meat and sprinkle generously with the rub and distribute evenly. Place covered in the fridge and leave overnight.

The next day, again, take the meat out of the fridge early to let it come to room temperature.

Light The Bastard Light and let the temperature rise to about 150°C, spread some Chunks of smoking wood over the charcoal (Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Apple or to your own taste). Place the Plate Setter on your grill, place the marinated prosecutor on top and allow the smoke to settle until the excess smoke is gone.

Take the Procureur off your grill and place in a Dutch Oven, add the vegetables, herbs and spices and pour the Ginger beer over it, together with the stock.

Put the Halfmoon Drip Pan (2x) on your heat shield and place the grid above it, place the Dutch Oven on top and let the meat cook for about 3 to 4 hours at 200°C (in between, check if there is still enough moisture in your Dutch oven, add stock if necessary).

As soon as the meat starts to fall apart almost completely, take it out and leave it under Butcher Paper or aluminium for about 20 minutes. With 2 Bear Claws, pull the meat apart.

Place the Halfmoon cast-iron plancha directly over the coals and let it get very hot (220°C to 240°C) and fry the Pulled Pork pieces with a little Barbacoa Picante until they are nice and crispy on the outside.

Slice open the fresh Brioche Bun and top with the fried Pulled Pork and drizzle the Barbacoa Picante sauce over it and garnish with fresh Coriander.

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