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Tongs Deluxe


The Bastard Tongs Deluxe with a sturdy handle and convenient shut-off valve. These tongs are really made for rough work and don't have a Grid Lifter? No problem, these tongs are so strong that you can easily lift out the stainless steel grid with them! Made for ideal grip on any piece of meat, vegetable or fish

Recipes made with this accessory

Reibeküchen with homemade apple compote
Reibeküchen with apple compote 
Celeriac on the spit
Celeriac on the spit
Jord Althuizen Sandwich Circuit Zandvoort
Formula Friday - Smokey Cuban Sandwich
Pineapple with rum from the BBQ
Grilled rum & chili pineapple
Chorizo sandwich from The Bastard
Butcher's sandwich with chorizo
Crostinis with Cashew ricotta and Christmas topping
Tongs Deluxe


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