• Whether it's snowing or boiling hot, The Bastard is waiting outside for you to prepare a stunning piece of meat, a surprising vegetable dish or a fresh fish.

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There are two things you really should know about us. One, we’re Dutch and two, we’re obsessed with outdoor cooking. The Bastard was born out of a love for authentic tastes and Dutch Design, meaning we strive to supply the very best materials. Now is the time to create ultimate BBQ moments!

Pure Dutch Design

An ancient BBQ-ing method, refined by the Dutch. The Bastard, with its “Pure Dutch Design”, is the pride of the Netherlands. A kamado doesn’t just need to look great; it must be efficient and functional too. This was the main focus for The Bastard. It does what it should and it’s as good as it gets.

Top quality ceramics

Only the very best materials are used for The Bastard. It is made of special cordierite ceramic, so it’s 100% resistant to extremely high temperatures. The insulating ceramic inner lining regulates the temperature in The Bastard. It comes with a lifelong guarantee.

Ultimate flavour experience

Grilling, baking, smoking and braising; with The Bastard, you can do it all. BBQ what you want and create fantastic, delicious meals in an instant. The Bastard is the most versatile barbecue on the market.
And, just as important, The Bastard is a trusted mate that loves to surprise and provide delicious recipes and support with the tastiest creations. Follow The Bastard on Instagram and Facebook!


The Bastard is celebrating its 10th anniversary and with our Anniversary Bastard you can join the party! With this special limited edition Ceramic Barbecue, we want to look back on a fantastic decade of grilling and the global growth of its community. To celebrate our roots, we are going Back to Black with all parts in our favorite color. You guessed it, black!

The Anniversary model comes with a custom black thermometer, black muffler and a shade of black we've never used on any of our models before!

The new, matte, frosting shows your BBQ friends that you own a Collectors Item.

However, we couldn't stop the celebration with these cool features. The Anniversary Bastard also comes with a 7 mm stainless steel grill grate, deflector stones, a charcoal basket, ash bucket and precision hood.

This makes the Anniversary Bastard the centerpiece of our birthday party!

Each Anniversary Edition comes with a unique " dog tag." By leaving the number of your " dogtag" on this website, you will have a chance to win special BBQ experience.

What that is we will announce in 2023. What we can give away is that it's worth joining!

The Bastard


The Bastard is probably the most versatile purchase you will ever make.

Make the most out of it

In addition to grilling,The Bastard can also be used it for baking, roasting, braising, cooking and wokking. Best of all... We have special accessories available for each cooking method.

Cast iron

Cooking on cast iron is special. Yes, it requires some maintenance, but the even heat distribution creates magical dishes.


The Bastard range consists of various types of charcoal, all of very high quality, that make your dishes really special. Smoke wood and fire starters are also included in the Burnables range.


Of course you need to maintain The Bastard so that you can enjoy it for the rest of your life. Fortunately, we have a complete range of maintenance products available. Want to leave The Bastard outside all year round? Use a rain cover!

Stay tuned!

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Prepare delicious and succulent meat, fish or vegetable dishes in a way that only The Bastard can.

Top Chefs & BBQ-ers

Fort many years the most beautiful and delicious dishes have been prepared on The Bastard on by top chefs and the top of the BBQ world.

We are happy to share some of their finest creations on our website. Do not expect a simple burger and a sausage. We don't say Serious Outdoor Cooking for nothing.


To dream away deliciously, The Bastard has been publishing surprising cookbooks for some years now. We Can BBQ  

Let’s Make BBQ Great (Again)  

We Can BBQ Too.