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We Can BBQ


We Can BBQ or We Can't BBQ. It's a letter difference. Masterchefs, pitmasters and self-proclaimed BBQ experts. Not a day goes by without the BBQ evangelists making themselves heard. Then keep your cool!

You really don't have to have a Michelin star to be good at BBQ. So this book is here for all lovers of good and tasty food from BBQ. All the riches Mother Nature has given us.

No rules, just ingredients.
No wisdom, but passion.
No straitjacket, Grill Like A Bastard (m/f).

52 Inspiring BBQ recipes on The Bastard. The cookbook to enjoy dishes made on your Bastard every weekend of the year .

Be the best Bastard you can be!

BBQ recipes We Can BBQ


The Bastard Catalog for 2023 has been completely updated! A Catalog with all the necessary information about your favorite Bastard or accessory, but it doesn't stop there. Our 2023 Catalog is also a magazine, with interviews, recipes, lifestyle photos, blogs and even 3D photos!