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Winter pumpkin soup
Type of dish: Vegetarian
Number of persons: 4

Ready to embrace winter in the most flavorful way? The temperature may be dropping, but our taste buds will only get warmer from this delicious Winter Pumpkin Soup. And what better accompanies the cold months than this delicious dish. This bowl of soup is not just any dish but is a celebration of winter flavors and a masterpiece of the art of grilling. 

This Winter Pumpkin Soup starts with the king of autumn vegetables: pumpkin. But we give it a twist that will surprise your taste buds. It starts with grilling the pumpkin, which gives that delicious, deep, smoky dimension to the soup. It's a technique that transforms the pumpkin from ordinary to extraordinary. 

At The Bastard we believe in leveraging every advantage to take dishes to the next level. And so, as we take you on our journey to Winter Pumpkin Soup, we introduce you to some essential accessories from The Bastard that will make this taste experience complete. 

Let's start with The Bastard Dutch Oven & Griddle. This cast iron hero is indispensable for preparing soups on the grill. With its durable construction and excellent heat distribution, the Dutch Oven & Griddle ensures that ingredients cook evenly and flavors blend together perfectly. It can also be used over coals as well as indirectly. This gives you optimal control over the preparation of the soup. 

The Bastard Premium long-burning charcoal is obviously essential to adding that delicious smoky undertone to your pumpkin soup. These give your dish that distinctive smoke flavor, and with The Batard's wide range of charcoals, you can play around with different woods to find the perfect flavor balance. Now, don't feel like standing outside in the cold for a long time and fiddling with firelighters? Then maybe our One Minute Lighter is for you. The One Minute Lighter lights The Bastard in one minute. 

The foundation of any good grilling experience is The Bastard Cast Iron Grid. This grill grid is designed to provide even heat distribution so the squash is evenly roasted and absorbs that delicious smoky flavor. 

With these indispensable accessories from The Bastard, preparing our Winter Pumpkin Soup will be a culinary adventure you won't forget. So, stoke up that fire, get out the Dutch Oven & Griddle and let your taste buds indulge in the irresistible flavors of winter. 

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Cooking time: 30 min |

Preparation time: 15 min |

Temperature: 225°C

What do you need?

1 bottle of pumpkin

100 ml dry white wine

5 gr. Ras el Hanout

3 gr. Vadouvan

40 gr. yellow curry paste

4 bruised sereh stalks

400 ml. cooking cream

400 ml. coconut milk 10% fat

100 gr. shallots clean

3 gr. garlic

20 ml. olive oil

40 gr. vegetable broth (or 4 cubes)

4 gr. seed mix

20 gr. creme fraiche

Winter pumpkin soup

These products can help you prepare this recipe!

Preparation method

Cut the bottle squash into equal segments and remove the seeds.

Drizzle pumpkin with oil and sprinkle with salt flakes.

Bring The Bastard to temperature 225C° (with heat shield in between) and roast the squash all around and cook until al dente.

Bring the Dutch oven to temperature and clean and coarsely chop the shallots and garlic and glaze them in a little oil. Crush the Sereh stalks (tie with string) and fry them in the Dutch oven.

Add the curry paste and Vadouvan and Ras el Hanout as well and deglaze with dry white wine.

Pour in the coconut milk and coconut cream into the pan and place the grilled pumpkin pieces in it as well.

Simmer gently and add the vegetable stock.

Once the squash is well cooked remove the Sereh stalks and whirl the soup smooth with a hand blender.

Toast the kernel mix in a cast iron Skilet.

Pour the soup into a nice plate or soup bowl and place a teaspoon of creme fraiche in the soup and sprinkle the seed mix on top playfully.

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