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Smoked Cherry Cocktail
Type of dish: Cocktail

With a Bastard you can not only grill a piece of meat, fish or vegetables. You can also make really good cocktails with it. For this cocktail, you smoke the cherries with cherry smoke wood for about 30 minutes. This will give your cocktail even more flavor. Would you like to experiment with cocktails made from cherry wood? The Bastard? For example, grill some lemon and use its juice in a cocktail or smoke some rosemary and use it as flavoring.

Temperature: 100

What do you need?

45 ml Spiced rum

15 ml Vermouth red

10 ml Cherry Heering

20 ml lime juice

15 ml Sugar syrup 1/1

2 Dases Angustura bitte

Ginger beer

Cherry Smokewood


For the garnish

1 slice of lime

4 half smoked cherries.

Smoked Cherry Cocktail

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Preparation method

Smoked cherries.

Heat the Bastard to a temperature of 100 degrees. Pitted and halve the cherries. Smoke the cherries cold with cherry wood for 10 minutes.

Thread the half cherries onto a skewer.

Shake the first 5 ingredients with 3-4 blocks of ice. Fill your glass with crushed ice and strain the cocktail over it. Top off the glass with ginger beer and garnish with the smoked cherries and a slice of lime.

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