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Smokey Goodnessby Jord Althuizen

A complete assortment exclusively composed by Pyro Culinary Adventurer Jord Althuizen.

Jord Althuizen has been professionally involved in BBQ for almost ten years. All the experience he has gained over the years - including through his many travels - comes together in the products of Smokey Goodness. The range of Smokey Goodness consists of burnables, rubs and sauces, BBQ supplies and cookbooks. Besides that Smokey Goodness also provides workshops on (own) location. Discover the rich flavours that the products of Smokey Goodness can add to every dish.
Blackstrap Coffee Molasses – Smokey’s Secret Ingredient
Bold and beefy BBQ Sauce
Black Cherry BBQ sauce
Grill Blend BBQ Kruidenrub
Smokey’s Finest BBQ Sauce
Holy Smoke that’s hot Sauce
Pig Powder BBQ Kruidenrub
Cheeky Chicken BBQ Kruidenrub
Beefalicious BBQ kruidenrub
Dish Towel (Not my wife’s towel)
Smokey Goodness Flaming Fins Smoke Chips blend Alder, Apple