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Jörgen Raymann

Jörgen Raymann also known as Tante Es has released a cookbook with his wife; Cooking with Tante Es

Short biography

From his youth, Jörgen Raymann was fascinated by the world of television. At just 13 years old, he began his adventure in this industry with a summer job at the national broadcaster of Suriname. From there, his intriguing journey led him to new and exciting opportunities. After cabaret nights at his own restaurant in Suriname proved to be hugely successful, Jörgen soon found himself in the sights of the television world. In 1998, he brought his theater show to the Netherlands and seized the opportunity to audition for a comedy program. His perseverance led to the launch of his very first late night program in 2001. This marked the beginning of a series of successful shows, with no fewer than four other programs following.

In addition to his impressive television career, Jörgen Raymann has also developed his talents as a motivational speaker. He regularly shares his inspiring insights with various organizations, government agencies and young people. As Jörgen himself says, "I have faith in the unparalleled power of people."

The iconic character Aunt Es is etched in the collective memory of many. During the period of the corona pandemic, Jörgen Raymann decided to broaden his horizons and devote himself to writing his very first cookbook. Within the pages of this cookbook shine the most delicious Surinamese recipes, which no doubt also find their place on many a barbecue.

An undisputed favorite in the Raymanns' household is the delectable Surinamese chicken. While frying this chicken in a pan is already delicious, grilling this Surinamese specialty on The Bastard barbecue turns out to be a true taste sensation. Another gem from Jörgen Raymann's culinary repertoire is his masterful creation of Surinamese duck breast. With no more than an hour, the fires of The Bastard stoked, the marinade prepared, the duck breast grilled to perfection, the satay prepared and the whole thing consumed with relish. Its preparation may not be complex, but the resulting flavor explosion is downright delectable.

Recipes from Jörgen Raymann

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