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Cod on the Cedar Wood Bbq Plank
Type of dish: Fish
Number of persons: 4

It's time to The Bastard light up, grab your accessories and prepare for a grilling adventure that will have your taste buds dancing. Today we are diving into the world of Cod on the Cedar Wood Bbq Plank with full abandon.

Cod is also called skrei in the winter months, because that's when the fish are stranded at the Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten after a long journey. Critics say they do taste a difference; others notice nothing. So alternate this dish, summer with cod and winter with skrei. The only thing you shouldn't alternate is the Cedar Wood BBQ Plank, it provides an extra dose of flavor either way.

Before we plunge into the enticing world of grilling Cod on the Cedar Wood Bbq Plank, let's outline the scene for you. Imagine a warm summer afternoon, the sun casting a golden glow over your backyard oasis and The Bastard stands there, robust and ready to rock your world. The alluring scent of wood and smoky deliciousness fills the air. Are you ready? Good, because we're going to reveal the secrets of how to transform a simple cod fillet into a mouth-watering masterpiece on the Cedar Wood BBQ Plank from The Bastard.

But before we The Bastard light, we need our trusty accessories. For starters, The Bastard Wooden Fire Starter. With a simple motion, you ignite a blaze under your grill. The intense combustion inside the barbecue is essential to the flavor experience.

Before you step onto the cedar plank, you need to know exactly when your cod is perfectly cooked. And for that, The Bastard Core Thermometer Pro comes in handy. It ensures your fish reaches that juicy, easy-falling and melt-on-the-tongue texture that will leave your guests amazed at your cooking skills.

As we dive deeper into the world of grilling on the Cedar Wood BBQ Plank, you want to achieve those perfect grill marks on your cod. That's where The Bastard Cast Iron Grid comes in, the artist's palette for searing. With its cast iron surface and exceptional heat retention, this guy will provide your cod fillet with a picturesque grill sear that your guests will love.

Now, the pièce de résistance - The Bastard Cedar Wood BBQ Plank! Carved from the finest cedar wood, this culinary gem not only infuses your cod with a subtle smoky aroma, but also ensures even cooking. It's a match made in grill heaven.

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Cooking time: 15 min |

Preparation time: 30 min |

Temperature: 200°C, direct

What do you need?

- 500 grams fresh cod or skrei without skin

- Salt

- Pepper

- Fresh dill

- 1 lemon in slices


- Cedar wood plank

Cod on the Cedar Wood Bbq Plank

Preparation method


Place the cedar wood plank in cold water for at least half an hour. Meanwhile, preheat The Bastard preheat to 200°C.


How to cook

Sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper, lay the dill partly on the cedar wood board and partly on the fish. Place lemon slices on the cod. Place the cedar wood plank on the grill of the The Bastard. Close the lid and cook for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, take the cedar plank off the grill.

Tip: Delicious with roasted asparagus and roast potatoes with herb cream.



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