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Deer rack with chanterelles, spätzle and Brussels sprouts
Type of dish: Game
Number of persons: 4

The Bastard is ready to take you on a culinary journey that combines the wild elegance of venison with the earthy charm of chanterelles, the rustic comfort of spätzle and the flavorful sparkle of Brussels sprouts. Get ready, because this Deer Rack with Chanterelles, Spätzle and Sprouts is no ordinary dish - it is a flavor explosion of epic proportions. 

Winter is the season when we crave comfort food, and this dish exemplifies that. The savory venison rack, combined with the earthy flavors of chanterelles, the warm blanket of spaetzle and the crisp freshness of Brussels sprouts brings comfort and delight to your plate. Also, the smoky touch of the grill provides the extra cozy atmosphere perfect for cold winter nights.  

But before we plunge into this delicious dish. Do we want to point you to some accessories that will make making this dish even easier. 

To start with The Bastard Cast Iron Grid. On this cast iron grid you can not only cook but transform your ingredients into pure, smoky bliss. This grid offers even heat distribution and creates the perfect grill stripes. 

The smoky appeal of chanterelles must be unlocked in a sturdy, reliable pan. Our The Bastard Cast Iron Fry pan is perfect for this. This cast iron pan will beautifully sear chanterelles, releasing their earthy aroma with every sizzling motion. 

To ensure the venison rack reaches the desired medium-rare, keep an eye on the meat with our The Bastard Core Thermometer Pro. Precision is essential when making a venison rack, so let this thermometer be your ally in this process. 

To achieve that smoky, robust charm we look for in a venison rack, don't forget our The Bastard Smokey Goodness Flaming Fins Smoke Chips Blend, Alder, Apple. This will add an extra dimension of flavor to your dish. 

So light The Bastard on, summon that inner grill warrior in you and let's conquer this taste sensation together as we drive away the winter cold with this unforgettable creation. 

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Cooking time: 40 min |

Preparation time: 50 min |

What do you need?

Deer rack (400 gr.)



8 eggs

20 ml of yellow dye (natural)

400 gr. flour

1 pinch of nutmeg

3 gr. salt


320 gr. sprouts

200 gr. bacon cubes

200 gr. chanterelles


Deer Rack

Preparation method

Beat the eggs in a basin of your mixer (with dough hook) and add the food coloring salt and nutmeg.

Keep adding your flour little by little until you get a firm and elastic dough.

Bring a pan of salted water to a boil and place your spatzle strainer on this and pour the dough on top of this and with a bread crab push the dough through this, so that small balls fall into your pan of water, once the boil over it and drain and rinse cold.

Fry the spatzle in a skillet or wok pan until nicely golden brown and season with salt and pepper as desired.

Clean the Brussels sprouts and put a cross at the bottom (evenly cooking). Blanch the Brussels sprouts al dente.

Fry the bacon in a skilet at 220C°.

Add the Brussels sprouts along with a knob of butter and season to your liking with salt and pepper.

Brush the chanterelles clean and fry them in a skilet with some oil and season with salt and pepper. (add a little garlic if necessary).

Remove the skin and excess fat.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper and grill on The Bastard cast iron grill on direct fire (i.e. without plate settter/heat shield) at 225C°

Then place on the plate setter and continue cooking at 110C° to a core temperature of 50C° and let rest under foil.

Dress the spatzle on a nice plate or board of your choice, spoon the Brussels sprouts against it and also place the venison on top along with the chanterelles.


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