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Serious Outdoor Kitchen Shelves


The Bastard Serious Outdoor Kitchen is a modular system that allows you to easily create your perfect outdoor kitchen. Combine the different modules and arrange your outdoor kitchen as you wish.

Module 1: Basic.

Module 1 is the base that you The Bastard can place in. From this module you will further expand your Bastard outdoor kitchen. This is suitable for Large.

Module 2: Shelves.

Module 2 is the part where you have the space to store all your cooking utensils and where you can prepare your food.

Module 3: Sink (2-box).

Module 3 is the part that contains a sink. It comes with a faucet included. Endless possibilities. 77cm x 77cm x 91cm ( the Ideal working height ). Hardwood bamboo shelves. Module for The Bastard Large.


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