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Pizza Stone

Accessory, pizza

The most delicious stone oven pizza straight from your kamado BBQ! Of course you can bake pizza on your ceramic BBQ with the pizza stone of The Bastard.

The pizza stones from The Bastard are made of special cordierite ceramic and manufactured at very high temperatures. They are therefore suitable for baking pizza at high temperatures.

We recommend using the pizza stone in conjunction with the Plate setter/Heat deflector to prevent burning of the pizza on the stone.

Recipes made with this accessory

The Bastard Pizza stone


The Bastard Small
SKU: BB012
21 centimeters
The Bastard Compact
SKU: BB218
26 centimeters
The Bastard Medium
SKU: BB011
36 centimeters
The Bastard Large
SKU: BB010
38 centimeters
The Bastard XL
SKU: B9010XL
49 centimeters


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