The Bastard Large Urban

Limited edition! The Bastard Large Complete URBAN, a unique black kamado with mat finish.

The Bastard Large Urban is complete with chassis and side tables. The chassis is made from steel and is fitted with castor wheels which makes it easy to move The Bastard. The side tables are fold-up and made of wood. In addition, all brand accessories can be used on The Bastard Large.

The Bastard Large Urban is made from cordierite ceramic which has isolating properties and has a top vent slide and an air vent so that the temperature can be regulated accurately.

The strong hinge makes The Bastard Large Urban easy to open. You can slow cook, cook, bake, smoke and grill with The Bastard Large Urban.


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Diameter the Bastard57 cm
Diameter stainless steel grill49 cm
Height with/without chassis127/87 cm
bamboo handle
High-quality cordierite ceramic BBQ with 20 year guarantee
Fire pit and fire ring of cordierite ceramic
Powder coated steel chassis on castor wheels including 2 with brakesalleen bij compleet
Two convenient fold-up bamboo side tables to work onalleen bij compleet
Speciale triple spring Hinge
Divider to divide the fire easily
Metal components of hardened steell
Cast-iron top vent slide
Cast-iron coal grill
High temperature felt gasket

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