The Bastard Compact

About this Bastard

The youngest of the Bastards. Perfect for if you have little space on your balcony or in your garden, but you still want to enjoy all the features. The handy thing about the Bastard Compact is that you can easily take it with you when you visit friends or BBQ on the beach, for example.

MSRP €499,00 incl. VAT.
Diameter 38 cm
Grid diameter 33 cm
Height with chassis 60 cm
Height without chassis 58 cm
Numer of hinges / springs 2
Extra's Bamboo handle, Made of cordierite ceramics, 20-years guarantee, Thermometer, Metal components of hardened steel, Cast iron precision top, Nomex/Kevlar gasket, et Galvanized steel frame on swivel wheels

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