What is a Kamado?

The kamado is a traditional Japanese way of cooking and became popular in the US after the Second World War when American GIs took their kamados back from Japan, after they realized how delicious the dishes from these characteristic clay pots were. There are many different brands of ceramic barbecues in the US. The kamado was introduced in Europe in 2007.

The kamado distinguishes itself from a normal barbecue by its versatility. Thanks to the excellent insulation, an extremely accurate temperature control is possible and in addition to simply barbecuing you can also smoke, slow cook, stew and even bake pizzas in the ceramic BBQ. The kamado is powered by charcoal, which gives a real wood and fire taste to the product.

Is The Bastard kamado the same as other brands?

Professionals in outdoor cooking are extremely enthusiastic about The Bastard. The Bastard is certainly as good as other brands of ceramic barbecues, but is more competitively priced. It has a sleek Dutch design and is only available in black.

Does The Bastard come guaranteed?

At The Bastard we only offer the very best. We use the highest quality industrial ceramic (cordierite) to construct our Bastards. 100% resistant against extreme temperatures. Extremely strong and with a 20-year guarantee.

The other components are also made from the best quality materials. The use of stainless steel or hardened steel, or finished with subtle powder coating, provides maximum sustainability in weather and wind.

Is The Bastard available in other colours?

We believe black to be the only colour suitable for The Bastard. Is there any other colour?

When will my order arrive?

Your order will immediately be sent to our central warehouse. You will receive a notification in advance when your order will be delivered. All Bastards (except The Bastard Small) will be delivered on a pallet to your door. Delivery can be also made to the garden entrance and generally anywhere in the garden, accessibility permitting.

Can you use The Bastard the whole year round?

The Bastard is uncomplicated, high-quality and versatile. Discover the honest way of grilling, slow cooking, barbecuing, baking (pizzas) or smoking. For everyone who enjoys delicious cooking, all year round.