Which wood flavor combines with which dish?

One of the benefits of a Bastard is that in addition to grilling, stewing, (pizza)baking and roasting you can also smoke expertly. You give the dishes that you prepare an extra taste dimension by using specific wood chips. This gives the dish a genuinely exceptional taste. What are the wonderful wood flavors and which dishes do these go with?

Walnut (Hickory): gives a sweet, strong, hearty almost bacon-type taste. It combines well with all types of red meat but certainly also with a shoulder of pork.

Maple: gives a soft sweet, greatly refined, light and mild smoke taste and combines well with chicken, poultry, pork and game.

Birch: the taste of birch wood is mild with hints of smoke which are not too prominent. It is a perfect match for pork and fish.

Juniper: if you like a closed smoky taste with a balsamic fresh woody scent then juniper is the one for you. Combines exceptionally with beef and other fatty meats.

Beech: very aromatic, slightly spicy taste of fire. Perfect with ham, salmon and not the obvious option: for when you wish to give cheese a smoke taste.


Experimenting with different flavored wood chips will give your dishes extra taste sensations. In this way you get even more pleasure from your Bastard.


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