What is a kamado actually

A kamado is type of round wood-fired oven, made from heat and weather resistant pottery. The idea and design of a kamado comes from thousands of years back, originating in the Far East. This original form of cooking is the basis, but then in a very innovative way. The modern day kamado is made from high-quality cordierite ceramic and is double-walled. This means that there is a layer of air between the outer pot and the plate where you light the charcoal on the inside. This layer of air allows you to crank up the temperature in a kamado to a very high level, without having to leave the lid off. Because the system of a kamado is designed for use with a closed lid, you can use the slides on the bottom (bottom vent) and on the lid (top vent slide), which control the oxygen inflow and outflow. This allows you to accurately control the temperature.

You can use the kamado to roast and grill, and also as an oven. For slow cooking of a stew or baking pizzas and bread. Finally, by adding wood chips you can also nicely smoke salmon or poultry, for instance. The possibilities are truly endless.


The Bastard