Useful accessories for a kamado BBQ

A successful barbecue should not be too tricky to operate, allowing you more time for fun.

Good preparation is key. Even with simple barbecues such as a kamado, the right accessories make life so much easier.

The most important accessory for a kamado barbecue is the plate setter, that can be used for indirect cooking. You can get increased control of your cooking by placing a deflector between your dish and the hot coals. This prevents your final product from burning and cooks it wonderfully and evenly. Finally the solution to make burning a thing of the past.

You have a choice of cast-iron plate setters and a ceramic version. The most important difference is that the cast-iron option is better able to handle a bump and that the reverse plate setter is also a fantastic cast-iron grill.


You can use another much-used accessory on the plate setter: the drip pan. This drip pan catches fat and juice that comes from your meat or fish, so that this does not accrue on the plate setter and cause bad smoke. You can also use what the drip pan catches to make a delicious sauce, or use the juice to baste the meat.


A grill elevator allows you to grill on an extra layer. This accessory gives you extra space in your kamado. Up to 60 % more. Ideal for cooking various dishes simultaneously or if you are barbecuing for a large group.


With a cast-iron wok on your kamado you can make the tastiest high and fast authentic dishes like a real Asian street chef. The intense heat allows the vegetables to stay crunchy and fresh and the meat to quickly become crispy.


The Bastard